Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Solar Fire and Mortgage Lifter Results

Just wanted to show off the Solar Fire tomatoes (left and right) and the 4.5 inch Mortgage Lifter in the center.

The past years during the drought my large tomatoes didn't show up until end of July and my garden was overrun with the grape and cherry tomatoes. This year I'm getting the large ones early and just a few cherry tomatoes. Surprised that I haven't had a single yellow grape or yellow pear yet...

My Yellow Taxi tomatoes are finished as well (you can see the last few on the sill).


  1. Do your tomatoes produce again in the fall?

  2. In the past most of my tomatoes last through the fall and the sweet millions weren't pulled last year until Thanksgiving. The yellow varieties (pear, taxi etc.) act as determinates finishing up in July.