Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Progress Report

Eggplants are plentiful - this is my first time growing them and I have just a single plant. These italian ones couldn't be more beautiful and tasty. I have been making/eating eggplant rollatini each week and have to learn a few different ways of cooking eggplant.

I have two cucumber plants and they are producing about 10 cucumbers a week. The cherry tomatoes are plentiful but I haven't had a single yellow grape tomato at all from my plant and my yellow pear tomatoes are just coming in which is later than in previous years. So we will keep everyone updated.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Balancing flowers and vegetables

I've posted earlier about mixing my vegetable garden with my flowers since my backyard (as you can see) isn't too large. At the near left is my mix of zucchini and vinca. My challenge is the vining vegetables like squash and melons that require a lot of space to spread out. I also prefer not to get the vines messed up with my perennials. My solution was to use a large patch of my front bed for the vines and then to fill the front up with flowers (this pic is about three weeks ago). I'll post a new one in a few days. You wouldn't believe how much the zucchini has taken over and there is no mulch to be seen in the front as the flowers have exploded. Again amazing results when you go from a drought to a regular rain.

Solar Fire and Mortgage Lifter Results

Just wanted to show off the Solar Fire tomatoes (left and right) and the 4.5 inch Mortgage Lifter in the center.

The past years during the drought my large tomatoes didn't show up until end of July and my garden was overrun with the grape and cherry tomatoes. This year I'm getting the large ones early and just a few cherry tomatoes. Surprised that I haven't had a single yellow grape or yellow pear yet...

My Yellow Taxi tomatoes are finished as well (you can see the last few on the sill).

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Favorite Site - Tomatoes by the window

Just a sneak peek of what's to come! The yellow tomatoes are Yellow Taxi a determinate variety that are almost done.

Mortgage Lifters live up to name

Here it is in June and I have 9 tomatoes on my single mortgage lifter plant (and a few more dime size coming along). The biggest of these is already almost 5" in diameter. They are still all green but some of my other large tomatoes are turning red now.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My early Yellow Taxi tomatoes - too short?

In response to Cindy and my early tomatoes - some are healthy and bushy but this one is the one that concerns me. These are my yellow taxis. One is bigger and has a ton of fruit the other pretty small still. This smaller one is the one I did pick off the fruit. It is still only about 14 inches high. Compared to the other Yellow Taxi which is probably 3 foot high although a bit droopy and has 11 tomatoes on it. I picked on of those tomatoes still green but large and it appears to be ripening up on my windowsill.

Cucumbers and some tomatoes have arrived

The rains in Atlanta and not too hot temps seem to be ripening the garden much faster this year than before. I have both English and Finger cucumbers and all but one of my 10 varieties of tomato plants has tomatoes on it - several have already produced ripe fruit.