Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Planting the garden

I planted my garden on April 19th after acclimating them to my yard. I will be applying mulch soon. Shown here is my Yellow Taxi tomato in a container. It took most of the day to decide exactly which one to place where - no matter how much I plan I change my mind on the day of planting.
Since Cindy is monitoring these blogs I'll ask my two questions about planting:
1. If the top stem of the tomato plant is damaged and breaks off - will the plant recover and grow another main stem?
2. When you bury the tomato plants stem what do you do with the bottom stalks? I worry that if I cut them I invite disease, but I also read that they shouldn't touch the ground.

Welcome to my garden

Welcome to my garden. This is my third year gardening with the Tasteful Garden and my fourth year with a vegetable garden. The first year I had only one tomato plant and one basil plant. I was hooked, now I have 10 tomatoes in 9 varieties. My repeats include Sweet Million Cherries, Yellow Pear, Yellow Taxi, Black Cherry, Cherokee Purple. New this year I am experimenting with large red varieties after growing arkansas traveller for the past 2 years. My new ones include Box Car Willie, Solar Fire, and Mortgage Lifter and another small type the Yellow Grape. As you can see I really enjoy the small pop in your mouth varieties.

In addition to tomatoes, I am also planting bunching onions, green beans, eggplant, english and green fingers cucumbers, italian bell yellow and red peppers as well as moon & stars watermelon. In the past I have only had middling luck with the bell peppers but I'm trying one more time! I have also put in some local zucchini and cantaloupe.